Congratulations to the  2020 District PRIDE Award Recipients

Jennifer Thompson (certified) – Barbara B. Robey E.S.

Meri Simmons (classified) – Barbara B. Robey E.S.

Kelli Orcutt (certified) – Belen Soto E.S.

Lisa LaCasse (classified) – Belen Soto E.S.

Elizabeth Schneider (certified) – Corte Sierra E.S

Becky Garcia (classified) – Corte Sierra E.S.

Donna Olympius (certified) – Dreaming Summit E.S.

Kraig Clayton (classified) – Dreaming Summit E.S.

Debra Gilmore (certified) – Litchfield E.S.

Rebecca Eaton (classified) – Litchfield E.S.

Lauren Lytle (certified) – L. Thomas Heck M.S.

Kathryn LaMountain (classified) – L. Thomas Heck M.S.

Erin Lovato (certified) – Mabel Padgett E.S.

Keri Lee (classified) – Mabel Padgett E.S.

Dr. Kim Hill (certified) – Palm Valley E.S.

Kristen Rekedal (classified) – Palm Valley E.S.

Chelsey Scally (certified) – Rancho Santa Fe E.S.

Mayra Garibo-Davila (classified) – Rancho Santa Fe E.S.

Sarah Wade (certified) – Scott L. Libby E.S.

Corrina Whelan (classified) – Scott L. Libby E.S.

Kimberly Ruckh (certified) – Verrado E.S.

Kimberly Rich (classified) – Verrado E.S.

Cassie Maccaux (certified) – Verrado Heritage E.S.

Katina McCain (classified) – Verrado Heritage E.S.

Julie Margason (certified) – Verrado M.S.

John Tapia (classified) – Verrado M.S.

Wendy Jones (certified) – Western Sky M.S.

Miguel Rodriguez (classified) – Western Sky M.S.

Alison Rodeheffer (certified) – Wigwam Creek M.S.

Leah Greene (classified) – Wigwam Creek M.S.

Amber Grant (certified) – White Tanks L.C.

Holly Church (classified) – White Tanks L.C.

David Frausto – Business Services

Tabitha Perez – Community Education

Joanna Medrano – Ed Services

Miguel Rodriguez – Facilities

Carl Brown – Food Services

Katie Kondos – Special Education

Victor Berrelez – Transportation